Hi! I’m Rachel, I am an 11 year old entrepreneur and am the creator of East Coast Slimers. I LOVE SLIME and have been making it since 2016. In 2017, I started my Musically account. In the first three months I gained 10,000 followers!

A few months later I started my own Instagram account (follow me @americasgotslime101) and then created a slime shop on Etsy. I really like how calming playing with slime is and have a great time coming up with creative slimes to put in my slime shop! Ever since opening my shop I dreamed of hosting a slime event where kids could meet their favorite slimers, buy slimes and have tons of FUN! It would also be a great opportunity to meet some of my followers in person.

Dream Come True


 In December 2018 my dream came true and I hosted my first SLIME CONVENTION! Of course, none of this would have been possible without the help of my super supportive and amazing family!!!

 My first Slime Convention was such a huge success that I decided to plan ECS 2. I hope you can join us for an even BIGGER and BETTER slime event. For information on how you can attend the May 26th, 2019 event click on the tabs.